No Rhythm Blues : And Other Poems

Seth A Tribble

No Rhythm Blues is the second book of poetry for author Seth Anson Tribble. A young and brooding poet, Tribble explores the day to day living of a contemporary young writer. With trials and tribulations of family, work, creativity and self-acceptance, Tribble truly embodies his generation in his writing. Like so many of his peers, he was raised in a war-torn country, with economic downfall and many of his struggling generation killing one another, brutally belittling and bewildering one another, Tribble fights back in the only way he can-with poetic expression. Poems about God, love and loss, economic crisis, family, nostalgia, connection and the human condition, this book has something for every kind of poetry-lover. No Rhythm Blues touches on the intimate struggles we face, while exploring growing-up as a modern man, a father and a human being. With great observation and a creative imagination, Tribble has found his way through this world. Not unlike some of the great poets past-Baudelaire, Keroac, Bukowksi-Tribble is dry and dark at times, but paints a vivid picture in his readers minds. His creative prose is powerful, connecting to his readers with nothing more than perfect wording and insight. -Arts writer, Evan Senn