Naba II : A Journey

Jean Michelle

NABA is a creative story of a creature boy of a garden derived from the beginning in NABA: A Journey the first book. On a walk one day encountering a power of the garden now sends NABA to find a place called Midden to attain his rights leaving his world of his father and mother if so to choose NABA goes chooses to take another walk and in hope and faith he is on the right path with his friend of the garden does so do so with his bag and his waking stick off to see what he was told. Derived of a creative mind mythical and fantasized of the world as it is or could it be or ever had to be. NABA an adventurous story to continue on paths of the minds of the earth the wind the stars and the galaxies and thru powers of foretold and untold forces. From the beginning to being and back again NABA a creative story to enjoy and share and to at any point grow or not. Artfully bound as well NABA a story for all ages.