Naati Charami the Game of Love

Savithri Duggirala

Naati Charami is a fine cultural and traditional blend alongside a contemporary and modern India, spanning from the days of new independence to the turn of the millennium. The story follows its 3 protagonists through conflicts between love and duty idealism and reality and values and individuality. Swati is an epitome of love and adherence to dharma fortifies her path. Her internal struggle in line with social situations and unwanted surprises that resulted as the byproduct of womens education and emancipation are beautifully observed. Staunch traditions and destiny plunge Lakshmi Prasanna into the center-court of life. Her determination and strength hold her stead through trials and triumphs and her brilliance is dazzled with unparalleled success. Charmi becomes a pawn in the balance of the old and the new. While she is the center of her parents universe and her every desire is lovingly catered to, her life takes on an unexpected turn when she is denied freedom in her most important decision yet.