NSW English Year 9

Judy Embrey

NSW English is a series of four books designed to meet the requirements of the new NSW Stage 4 and 5 English syllabus. NSW English is written by a team of practising NSW English teachers. Across the series, students will respond to and compose a wide range of texts and build their understanding and engagement with language and texts. Students will engage with quality writing through the model texts presented in each chapter. There is a wide range of activities throughout each book, suitable for both individual and group work, with a strong emphasis on developing the skills of critical literacy and considering the context in which texts are created. Priced at $19.95 each, the series is an excellent value resource for the English classroom. Features: * A wide range of model texts including visual, spoken and multimedia texts * Fiction and non-fiction texts, including novels, plays, poems, picture books, websites, storyboards, films, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, letters, reviews and interviews * Focus on developing skills in the modes of talking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing. Benefits to Teachers: * Meets the demands of the latest NSW 7--10 English syllabus * An exceptionally affordable price to assist student workbook or class set purchases * Provides models of all the required text types, with a wide range of activities * Opportunities for students to reflect on their learning. NSW ENGLISH YEAR 9 CONTENTS 1. Letters to the Editor--opinion 2. Expose on body image--feature article 3. The Bottom Line--newspaper editorial 4. Advertising with a purpose--print advertisement 5. Sound stuff--radio and websites 6. Rabbit Proof Fence--text and screenplay 7. Searching for Ned Kelly: a multimedia experience--search engines 8. Stay beautiful--poetry 9. Scripting a film--film script 10. Shell never know what I remember--narrative 11. Kiss Me Kate --Shakespearean drama 12. Edmondstone Street--literary description