Nancy Warren

Nothing To Hide - Isabel SharpeNYC in the summer is unbearable. So when a former coworker invites Allie McDonald to stay at his familys summer home for two weeks, how can she say no? She may end up spending most of her time avoiding his advances - but his hot brother, Jonas Meyer, will be there, too...And Jonas has a seriously fine physique. Allie gets a sneak preview one night when she accidentally crawls into his bed. Now shes running from one guy while seducing his brother. And with (almost) nothing to hide, Allie has nothing to lose!Breakaway - Nancy Warren Mr. Business-Before-Pleasure, Max Varo, is a genius billionaire - now this smokin-hot man is disguised as a pilot while he checks out a small, Alaskan airline he wants to buy. Pilot Claire Lundstrom hasnt a clue that her familys struggling business is on the cusp of a take-over. What she does know that she has some rather un-boss-like thoughts for Max. But Claire will have to convince him that losing can be much more fun than winning!