NIrV Kids` Devotional Bible

Joanne E. Dejonge

Fire up their imaginations and you�ll stoke their spirits as well. That�s the idea behind the NIrV Kids� Devotional Bible�the devotional Bible created especially for young readers. The short sentences and easy words of the complete, revised NIrV text make it a Bible kids can read for themselves. And engaging questions, eye-catching 2-color graphics and illustrations, year�s-worth of short, creative weekday devotions, weekend devotions focusing on nature topics, simple, fun-to-do weekend activities, book introductions, and dictionary explaining difficult words make it a Bible they�ll want to read�and apply to their lives. Will God ever stop loving you? How do you show respect to older people? Is a live plant something special? The NIrV Kids� Devotional Bible helps kids learn simple, important lessons about their world�and gives them a stepping-stone to today�s most widely read translation, the NIV. In the NIrV Children�s Bible, the best-selling children�s translation and a perennial, best-selling children�s Bible storybook join hands to present a Bible that�s perfect for instilling faith in young hearts. The NIrV Children�s Bible combines � The New International Reader�s Version (NIrV) text, revised--using words and phrases on the third-grade reading level . . . yet with the accuracy of its best-selling older sibling, the New International Version � 20 Full-color tip-ins of Beginners Bible art--art in the style of the favorite Bible storybook whose colorful illustrations and simple stories have brought sales of over 2.9 million since its release in 1989. But the NIrV Children�s Bible is more than just a �dream team� featuring two highly successful teammates. It also includes an NIrV dictionary, an illustrated article on �Life in New Testament Times,� the �ABCs of Salvation,� and a simple plan for helping kids read their Bible. All inside a cover whose trademark Beginner�s Bible design parents everywhere have come to recognize and trust. Let your customers know about this exciting new Bible for children. They�ll love what it has to offer--and so will