NIV Serendipity Bible : For Personal and Small Group Study

Edited by Lyman Coleman, Edited by Richard Peace, Edited by Brenda Quinn

Life-changing Bible studies for small groups* Everything you need to lead a group Bible study* Thousands of penetrating study questions* 60 course plans for 10 different kinds of groupsLeading a small group just got easierHot coffee, donuts, and hearts that are hungry for more than just snacks---all the makings of a great Bible study group. Get the most out of your times together with the NIV Serendipity Bible. You dont have to be a gifted teacher or leader to make it happen. The Serendipity Bible gives you everything you need in one practical, flexible, easy-to-use package. It provides Bible study leaders with ready-made, life-changing discussion questions on any passage of Scripture. In-text study questions help groups open discussion, dig deeper into the meaning of a passage, and reflect on life application. The 200 studies and 60 course plans address the needs of ten different groups, including men, women, singles, youth, and more. With the ready-made studies in the Serendipity Bible, the only thing a group leader has to prepare in the coffee!Features include:* Thousands of penetrating study questions* 60 felt-need course plans for ten different kinds of groups* 16 topical study courses offer basic and deeper question tracks for study* 200 Bible story questionnaires offer another study alternative* Separate studies for each book of the Bible* Lectionary-based Bible studies for churches that follow the church year calendar * 200 general group studies address the needs of ten different groups, including men, women, singles, youth, recovery, and more* Open-Dig-Reflect questions help you discover each others hearts and apply Gods Word to your life* 32 two-color introduction pages help you use this Bible more effectively* Presentation page