NHS Finance and Governance

Commissioning Finance Group,Anna Green

This presentation assumes no prior knowledge of how the NHS is structured or financed. The aim is to provide the audience with a broad, high level overview of NHS funding, governance and accountability arrangements without getting into the technical intricacies. By providing a range of over 50 slides and accompanying notes that speakers can select from or adapt to suit an audiences needs, this presentation will be a valuable resource for anyone called on to explain how the NHS is financed and governed. As well as a brief introductory section that focuses on how the NHS came into being and how spending levels compare with other countries, the presentation covers three key areas: What the NHS looks like - now and in the future This section looks at how the NHS is organised now and how it is likely to change over the coming years. It covers three broad functional areas and looks at the key organisations that have a role to play in each. The three areas are: Policy, strategy, performance management and national services Primary care Secondary and tertiary care. How the NHS is financed - now and in the future The focus then moves on to NHS funding and looks at how money flows through the system from the taxpayer to the Treasury and eventually to front line services. The role of the Treasury and Department of Health are explained, as is the weighted capitation formula. This section also covers other sources of income and how NHS money is spent. Governance and accountability Receiving taxpayers money is not a one-way process and this section focuses on the other side of the coin - demonstrating that the funding received is used as it should be. This means having an effective governance framework in place that underpins all that an organisation does. This part of the presentation explains what this entails by looking in turn at: Culture and values Policies, structures and requirements (legislative/ regulatory) Control frameworks. The presentation has been developed under the guidance and direction of the HFMAs Commissioning Finance Group (formerly the PCT Steering Group) and reflects the structures and processes in place in the NHS in England in July 2011 and the plans that the coalition government had at that time for its reform.