Elle James

Navy SEAL Captive - Elle James Saving the SEALBeing abducted by a beautiful woman in Cancun wasnt part of Sawyer Houstons R & R mission. Jenna Broyles claims shes rescuing the vacationing Navy SEAL from unknown assailants. Only its her life on the line when the jilted bride becomes a target.The high-end Mexico resort was supposed to be Jennas honeymoon destination. But after a dangerous discovery forces her to play hero, shes the one in need of the gorgeous strangers expertise. As Jenna and Sawyer flee across treacherous tropical jungles, the heat between them builds to fever pitch. Can they make safe haven before Sawyers secrets get them both killed?Texans Baby - Barb Han A Texas bodyguard never thought hed see Melanie Dixon again - or learn he was the father of her little boy...A shotgun blast shatters the night and Dawson Hill foils a ruthless stalker. Now the fearless bodyguard is committed to protecting Melanie Dixon - the alluring woman who left him two years ago without a word. Not only is he surprised shes back in Mason Ridge, Dawson is doubly stunned to learn they have a son.Now the three of them are on the run, and Dawson is determined to protect the baby boy he never knew he could love so much. With his passion for Melanie re-igniting like Texas wildfire even as he struggles to forgive her deception, a madman closes in. A madman who threatens the family Dawson never dreamed would be within reach.