NATEF Correlated Task Sheets for Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

James D. Halderman

The Pearson NATEF correlated task sheets, all written by James Halderman, are designed to provide guidelines for the student who is performing a task as specified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). The NATEF task sheets cover all of the tasks specified by NATEF for the following areas: Engine Repair (A1) Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles (A2) Manual Drive Trains and Axles (A3) Suspension and Steering (A4) Brakes (A5) Electricity/Electronics (A6) Heating and Air Conditioning (A7) Engine Performance (A8) Each task sheets is easy-to-read and contains the following features: Designated lines for vehicle identification information Designated line for the name of the student technician Step-by-step procedure needed to be performed and space for the student o fill in the specified exact procedure for the vehicle being serviced or tested Most task sheets are illustrated to help bring the topic to life Includes a grading scale for the instructor to rate the student as to how well the task was performed A place to record the time on task. Each Pearson automotive textbook has a NATEF correlation chart in the appendix and on the Pearson website that correlates each task sheets to the 2013 NATEF tasks. Other correlation charts correlate the task sheets to: The 2008 NATEF Standards- For programs that are NATEF certified under the 2008-2011 standards. The 2012 NATEF Standards - For programs that are NATEF certified under the 2012 standards. The 2013 NATEF Standards- for programs that are NATEF certified under the 2013-2017 standards.