NASA Publications Guide for Authors

Created by Nasa Technical Reports Server (Ntrs)

This document presents guidelines for use by NASA authors for preparing and publishing their scientific and technical information (STI). Section 1 gives an overview. Section 2 describes each type of report in the NASA STI Report Series and other forms of publications. It also discusses dissemination and safeguarding of STI. Section 3 gives technical, data quality, and dissemination reviews, including the mandatory review via NASA Form 1676, NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Document Availability Authorization (DAA). It also describes handling unlimited and limited/restricted STI. Section 4 provides recommended standards for document format, composition, and organization and element of a typical report. Section 5 presents miscellaneous preparation recommendations. Section 6 discusses two required forms, Standard Form 298 and NF-1676. The guide cites additional sources of information of standards, guidelines, and review and approval requirements.