NARC 2: Equinox

Mel Keegan

The Athena is in the Zeus system, and NARC takes on the most hazardous assignment in its history. Zeus is controlled by Equinox Industries. The city of Elysium is on the brink of corporate war...Angel war has already begun. But Angel, Equinox and the gas giant Zeus are locked in a deadly embrace ...and soon all of NARC is involved. Elysium is at war with itself at the conflicts heart is Equinox, controlling industry, politics - and the Angel trade Hard evidence is elusive. The hunt takes Jarrat and Stone across the Zeus system, into battlefield engagements ...a supersonic dogfight ...a brute-force slugging-match in the docking bays of Eos ...and the showdown between NARC and Equinox. When hightech fails, courage, quick wits and keen empathy might still win through. Jarrat and Stone share the rank of captain, command of the Athena, and the bonding which was their very survival.