Myths and Monsters

Katie Edwards, Illustrated by Simon Mendez

From unicorns to dragons, the idea of mythical creatures exerts a powerful fascination over our imaginations. This book presents myth and scientific reality side by side, suggesting how the myth may have arisen. The legend of St George and the Dragon is set beside a factual account of the first discovery of dinosaur bones in China and a description of the worlds largest living scaly, fork-tongued monitor lizard, the Komodo Dragon. Katie Edwards line-up of mythical creatures, adapted from a highly-successful exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, includes the Unicorn, Roc, Dragon, Phoenix, Cyclops and Chimera, and comes right up to date with the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti. Simon Mendez brings the fantasy creatures vividly alive and draws myth and reality believably together in this exciting and informative book.