Mythology of the American Nations : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Gods, Heroes, Spirits, Sacred Places, Rituals and Ancient Beliefs of the North American Indian, Inuit, Aztec, Inca and Maya Nations

David M. Jones,Brian L. Molyneaux

This is a reference guide to the mythology of the native North American, Maya, Aztec, Inca and earlier civilizations and cultures of the Americas. It includes more than 900 entries, arranged alphabetically and packed with information on the central mythical figures of each culture. It features special illustrated spreads on unifying mythological themes such as Creation & the Universe, Ordering the World, and Death & Sacrifice. It is fully cross-referenced and comprehensively indexed. It is illustrated with over 500 images, this book depicts the central features and characters of the myths, and explores the impact of these enthralling stories. Here is a rich source of information for any reader who wants to understand the myths and religions of the indigenous inhabitants of America. The book is divided into three sections, each focusing on the mythology of distinct civilizations and regions. North American Mythology explores the universal themes of creation and the mythical living landscape. Mesoamerican Mythology explores the culture and beliefs of the Maya and Aztecs. South American Mythology focuses on the immense Inca empire. An instantly accessible A-to-Z format provides concise, easy-to-locate entries on more than 900 key characters, enabling the reader to discover who is who in the mythology of the Americas.