Myth, Magic & Marketing : An Irreverent History of Branding from the Acropolis to the Apple Store

Walt Kuenstler

This book tells how to sell more and increase profits by increasing the power of your messaging, offering a perspective seldom taught at even the best MBA programs. Successful marketers know that buyers are seeking miraculous solutions to their problems. Thats true for consumer products as well as B2B sales. And you can learn how to easily apply that persuasive power to increase the ROI of all your marketing spending from this timeless book. This book is for those who have something to sell, to brand, to market whether on social media, video, digital, store channels and even print. In our customers hearts, a Mercedes is not simply a car, and Nikes Air Jordan XVIIs are more than sneakers. Each embodies the mystique and status of luxury, and the promise of super-human performance. A masterfully written, fun to read and easy to comprehend book where the mercurial wit of the author enhances his sharp insights. Myth, Magic and Marketing will show you and your team how to achieve new levels of brand impact. As if by magic!