My Weird Neighbor : A Tale of Mushrooms, Baseball, & Salem Witches

Sheila Brodhead

Eleven-year old Jenkins is shocked when his new classmate turns out to be the oddly dressed, hole-digging kid who just moved in next door. No two kids could be more different--Clydes passion is mushrooms and Jenkins is baseball. Clyde spouts American history like an encyclopedia and Jenkins hates everything about social studies. To Jenkins dismay, he and Clyde are partnered for a science-history project theyll exhibit during a class field trip to historic Salem, Massachusetts. Jenkins has no interest in witchy-old Salem and even less in helping Clyde with Fungal Infestations and Molds in Early America. The boys friendship is tested when tragedy strikes in a creepy Salem museum. Will they be able to carry on and use their project to solve one of the most fascinating questions in American history? Or will the museum calamity put an end to their mission to prove that all was not as it seemed with the witches in 17th century Salem?