My Voice Seeks You : The Selected Poems of Annelisa Addolorato

Annelisa Addolorato

Poetry. Translated from the Italian by Maria Bennett and Bill Wolak. Annelisa Addolorato is a child of her era, or perhaps of the epochal break in which we are living. People en masse dive into cities to suffer the tyranny of products she, the poet Annelisa Addolorato, moves, traveling from one language to another language, however.Meanwhile, as many try to climb on a ladder of minimal language that could interpret primary needs, she flies in the other face of this situation to elaborate her own writing discipline and style. Guido Oldani With great wisdom and profundity, the writing of Annelisa Addolorato plays with presenceand absence, with the present as such as well as the past. Her visions and intuitions continue to reveal a sensibility which shows a mystical, curious, and appealing focus. Vivet Valacca Annelisa Addolorato presents here a collection of poems which are bi-flavored. In the first part of her book, the essential and meditative style of haiku prevails in the second, the Pompeiian section, we find instead something closer to prose. The re-construction of Pompeii here recalls the paintings of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and Annelisa, with these verses, completes her own personal and telluric trip through Italy. Max Ponte The time for these poems is incalculable, because they reflect the cry of the first century of mankind as well as the howl of the twenty-first. Bruno Mesa