My Vietnam: Montana Veterans Stories Straight from the Heart

Ed Kugler,Montana Veterans

My Vietnam is a one of a kind look at the Vietnam War. In a small high school in Montana, a project was begun over a decade ago. One teacher at Frenchtown High School and two veterans started what is now the Frenchtown Vietnam Symposium. There is a history class on the Vietnam War and each year in May the seniors in the class host the Symposium. They invite up to forty Vietnam War vets to come and discuss the war, their role in it, and they are honored by the students. My Vietnam is a book featuring thirteen Montana veterans telling what their Vietnam was like. What makes it one of a kind is that these vets are from all services, many military occupations from Marine sniper to fighter pilot, grunts and artillerymen. They cover many years of the war and they answer twenty-six of the most commonly asked questions by the students each year. My Vietnam is very special, heart warming and healing for all. You wont want to miss this special look at the war that shook our nation to its core.