My Troubles with Time

Benson Lee Grayson

What happens when a friendless physics professor in his mid-thirties, still a virgin, travels back to December 1941 in a time machine he has invented. His goal is to become a national hero by destroying the Japanese fleet which bombed Pearl harbor. Against all odds, he is succeeds. Instead of being hailed as a hero, he is arrested and sentenced to death by a U.S. Navy Court Martial for mistakenly attacking the Japanese vessels before they launched their attack. The time machine mysteriously vanishes and his claims to have invented it are ridiculed. The professors escape from this fate is one of the most unusual and most humerous ever encountered in fiction. The book is written in a light style intended to leave the reader in as cheerful a state as possible when completing it. At the same time, it is carefully researched and adheres closely to actual historical events. The author has a Ph.M. degree in East European History from Columbia University and served as a Foreign Service Officer of the State Department and as a Senior Research Fellow at the National Defense University. His seven previously published books are non-fiction works on international affairs and history.