My Trials : Inside America` Deportation Factories: Inside America` Deportation Factories

Judge Paul Grussendorf Esq, Illustrated by Hyang Suk Oh, By (photographer) Paul Grussendorf

American Immigration Lawyers Association wrote: With a cast of colorful characters and compelling tales, My Trials: What I Learned in Immigration Court is both a scathing indictment of a broken immigration system that sends vulnerable immigrants back to the perilous situations from which they fled, and a heartfelt call for a return to the values upon which our nation of immigrants was founded. VOICE magazine Gerry Spence, noted trial lawyer, wrote: Thanks for your good work, Paul. I am not surprised at the horror and inhumanity you have witnessed. America is famous for priding itself as a nation of immigrants, but the often shabby and sometimes downright abusive treatment that immigrants seeking asylum suffer in our nations immigration court system is a well-kept secret. The truth is that our government fails to hire prosecuting attorneys and appoint judges with expertise in the field or even adequately train them in the law and procedure. But this failure pales in comparison to the even greater scandal that the immigrants herded into these courts are often treated with disdain, disrespect, or even outright contempt by sworn officers of the law. The often needless, lengthy and costly pre-trial detention of individuals who usually do not represent any danger to the community is an everyday and shameful fact of life in our immigration system.