My Trail of Tears : A Message of Hope Unveiled

Katherine S Hamrick

No one is exempt from experiencing the loss of a loved one in this life when it occurs, one is never fully prepared for the aftermath. A story of survival and acceptance, My Trail of Tears: A Message of Hope Unveiled examines author Katherine S. Hamricks journey of widowhood for which no amount of education or life experience could fully prepare her. At just thirty-two-years of age, her husband, Brian Hamrick, died suddenly after a brief illness, leaving Katherine with two boys ages one and four. In this inspirational memoir, she narrates her story as she navigates her new roles as both a single parent and a widow, dealing with the reality of losing her spouse with no warning. With photos included, My Trail of Tears depicts the hand of God at work during her time of grief and explains how God brought about the acceptance of her loss, using this time to draw nearer to Him and bless her in the process. Katherine shares her journey to show how a person can move on from experiencing tragedy to eventually being able to bring God glory again. In her detailed account of the behind-the-scenes part of her life, she shows how Christ works all things for His good purpose and how He healed her broken heart.