My Tao Te Ching - A Fool` Guide to Effing the Ineffable : Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Translated for Modern Life

Francis Briers

The Tao Te Ching is an ancient spiritual text from China. It is one of the most wonderful books ever (as proven by special science methods, honest) for helping us human beings to understand life, the universe, and everything. It can help us pierce the mystery, discover the hidden, and do no less than eff the ineffable. Through poetry and metaphor the Tao Te Ching nudges our consciousness towards greater understanding of the nature of life in all its wonderful mystery and subtle challenge. In this new version, Francis Briers (Interfaith Minister, black belt martial artist, and accidental mystic) has taken the Taos timeless wisdom and set it in modern language to make it easier to digest for a new generation of meaning seekers and spiritual explorers. PRE-PUBLICATION REVIEWS: Francis Briers has done a brilliant job of casting the Tao Te Ching into a modern and popular form. His rendition flows with a humour and innocence that truly reflect the essence of the Taoist tradition. Whether you are approaching philosophy and personal development for the first time, or are an experienced explorer, My Tao Te Ching will make you smile with its wry insights and encourage you to be at ease with the wondrous miracle and paradox of your life. - William Bloom, PhD, and author The Power of Modern Spirituality: How to Live a Life of Compassion and Personal Fulfilment Each chapter is a meditation helping us not to be so grasping, to empty ourselves so that love and compassion can flow through us, without interference. The style of writing is like love poetry and reminds me of the poetry of the many mystical traditions - Such a gift. - Dr. Josie Gregory, PhD, and Director of The Centre for Spiritual Development and Facilitation Im happy to have introduced Francis to the Tao Te Ching as his Kung Fu Instructor many years ago and watched his progress over the years. To take on this bible of Taoism could be an onerous task but Francis has the insight, wisdom and humour to make it work. Its an excellent and accurate translation with the wit and humour to keep any normal person engaged and able to understand the original meaning of the text with those deep glimpses that can only come from true understanding. - Steve Rowe, 8th Dan Karate, International Tai Chi Teacher, Chairman of the Martial Arts Standards Agency and Shi Kon Martial Arts International A beautiful book which touches on the wonderful, mysterious and sometimes ridiculous nature of life, the universe, and everything. Wonderful, creative and enjoyable! - Sue Cheshire, CEO & Founder, Global Leaders Academy In this version of the Tao Te Ching, Francis Briers has brought to us a unique, playful, humorous, contemporary, and relevant edition of this well of delights. I find it a helpful, practical, and, at points, very funny read. Making a traditional text live in the modern world like this provides a valuable resource to us busy bees. - Luke Concannon, No.1 hit musician and activist To read some of the chapters, go here: http: //