My Story

Robert Eringer, Illustrated by Thomas Van Stein, Illustrated by Aaron Ernst

A personal memoir by the author Robert Eringer of his familys experiences in both the Jewish and Armenian holocausts of the 20th Century. On January 17th, Wysokies Jews were forced to board trains that rolled them to Auschwitz, a German concentration and extermination camp in southern Poland. On arrival, women and children and the elderly were separated from their husbands, fathers and sons and led to a building where they were ordered to undress. Naked, they were guided into a special chamber, and the door screwed shut behind them. They were not told what would happen next. Inside the special chamber they were introduced to Zyklon B, a poison made with cyanide. It was created to kill insects. Zyklon B pellets were dropped into the special chamber, creating a poison gas. The Jews inside shouted and screamed for twenty minutes as their mouths foamed and their ears oozed blood. Then all were dead.