My Story, Your Story-Devotions When Life Really Stinks! : A Collection of Life` Trials by Women and How Faith Brought Them Through the Fire.

Andrea Leffew

Devotions for When Life Really Stinks! Divorce, adultery, domestic violence, illness, death-and the list goes on. Life is not easy or pretty all the time. Sometimes it just plain ol stinks! But how do we feel about these difficult times in our lives? When we look around, it seems like other women have no problem dealing with lifes disappointments. They dont have tear stained faces or puffy eyes. Their hair is washed, styled, and they are dressed nicely. Do they ever struggle with the trials of life? Are they hiding their pain? Do they ever want to scream and throw things? Are you a bad person because you want to crawl into a hole and never leave? This book is a collection of devotions from women who have faced the ugly times in life. Who are not afraid to admit life is not easy. Yet, they tell of the peace they have received from Christ during their trials. You are not alone in your struggles. Let My Story, Your Story give you some comfort. You will know that other women have faced similar difficulties and survived the fires of life.