In the Nick of Time

Arlene Ramos

The Curtis and OMalley families are bound for Brooklyn, New York, after a 2-week vacation in New Hampshire. Though enchanted by the states beauty and its people, they find their days fraught with races against time. When Steve OMalley spots a distressed father waving his arms at the roadside, he quickly pulls over. Joe Curtis discerns that his child has suffered heat stroke. Will Steve be able to get the boy to a hospital before he suffers brain damage? Joe, a former lifeguard, surveys the Days Inn pool before diving in. To his horror, a toddler falls into the water, while his mother is preoccupied. Can Joe rescue the boy before he drowns? A sick and starved puppy meanders past the Curtis home. He shows signs of abuse and abandonment. Will the family be able to save the puppy from dying? Cathy OMalley is pregnant. While in the throes of constant contractions, will Joe get her to the hospital in time? This is the continuing story of two loving families who go out of their way to help others. Set in 1958, the plot heralds a time when life was simpler. Children entertained themselves with jump rope, hula hoops, clapping games, and singing rhymes. Women were housewives. Husbands earned the family income. In the Nick of Time chronicles the clans adventures against a backdrop of intrigue and challenge. Youll be on the edge of your seat as you read this amazing story! For Other Books Written by Arlene Ramos, Please Go To http: //