In the Name of Honour

Tony Vandermaas

Life has almost reached a semblance of normalcy for Jeremy van Hijser since his forays into the war during the summer. He is quite content to return to the simple life of hunting and trapping even though there are yet some lingering bad feelings from those he fought. But that is about to change once more. An American cousin that Jeremy does not know he has appears at on Jeremys doorstep. After fighting against the British raid on Black Rock, his mother has sent him to find his long lost relative in the hope that Jeremy might help him find a normal life, but both their lives are too complicated to be normal and they find themselves involved in a search for a mystery cache. Jeremy is thrown back into the conflict known as the War of 1812 with a vengeance as the treasure hunt rapidly degenerates into an all-out war with a group of religious fanatics and Jeremys old nemesis. He suddenly finds himself hunted by all sides in what for him is a matter of honour.