In the Name of Beauty

Mary Ellen Springsteen

In The Name Of Beauty Suddenly unemployed, Sammy Jo Turner was faced with a dilemma. Should she continue working as a medical diagnostics laboratory technician or begin a new career? She loved working in the labs and had strong ties to the NYPD. Then there was her propensity for sleuthing ... Would she need job training and if so, how much? Where could she best use her skills, be challenged and excited to begin each day? Its not surprising that Sammy Jo transitioned to forensics. Her previous medical diagnostics work sometimes involved crime related testing such as DNA, toxins, body fluids or drugs. Working in forensics, however, placed her much closer to the actual crimes. Detachment is necessary to do this type of work. Living, sleeping and breathing crime-related work does not make for a fulfilling personal life. Still, there were times when she felt connected to a victim and compelled to delve deeper. It was happening again- those unexplained homicides. How many killers were out there? Was cosmetic surgery the common thread or a mere coincidence? Sammy Jo was sleuthing on the side. She was going with her hunches instead of listening to the others. Would her efforts pay off? Was she taking too many risks? Real life experiences inspired me to write In The Name Of Beauty. This is my second Sammy Jo Turner mystery. Book three in this series is in progress.