In Need of Love : Anxiety, Depression, and My Personal Battle for a Life with Meaning

Alex Fischler

Whether youre 16 or 60 years old, if you or someone you know has struggled with being or becoming the person you want to be, youll find familiar shared experiences in the pages of this book. From an early age, Alex Fischler wanted to be a writer. But his dream seemed impossible: he didnt think hed live through his teenage years and came close to committing suicide. In Need of Love is the personal story, told by Alex himself, of his struggle to deal with crippling mental and health issues - anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder - as the world around him fell apart. After his parents acrimonious divorce, Alex and his two younger brothers split time between their mothers and fathers houses. But life in his mothers house was a nightmare of emotional and psychological abuse. Alexs teenage years were marked with multiple remarriages, supportive and unsupportive family members, friends who came and went, and self-destructive efforts to hold onto his identity in a life that felt increasingly worthless. In Need of Love is the heartbreaking, inspirational real-life story of the search for ones soul and meaning in life - seen through the eyes of a young man whos not yet 21 years old.