And Now There Are Five : Dogs and Other People

Bryan Dye

Josie Wales, feisty twelve-pound Bichon, acts like Yosemite Sam, struts around trying to boss larger dogs around, and marks his territory with yellow squirts! Bridget, burly Chow, Alpha and house manager, keeps everyone in line. She is the most faithful, devoted and intelligent, aloof from others until she gets angry. Tara was found chasing cars down the cityas busiest street. Nikki, overweight Lab, eats everything in sight. Lilly, Ridgeback puppy found alone in the woods licking the ground, sleeps cuddled with me. She loves her new home, but chewed up the entire car door panel and dug up two rooms of carpeting before we realized she canat be left alone. These pooches bring so much love and joy to our home. Five was enough, but then came Oscar. Also included: poignant stories like aOla Shepa and photo illustrations.