And... Never Again : From the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates

Robert J Sadler

Hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of animals and billions in property are at stake. And... Never Again, is the 3rd in the Michael Grant, PI, mystery/suspense series. Terry Dean Ballard, a young terrorist who killed 19 innocents in Texas before escaping Michaels grasp at the end of Judas Oracle, surfaces in Colorado bent on destruction. Ballards Christmas day sabotage of area ski slopes and towns kills 67 bringing his death toll to eighty-six. Ballard, a young computer geek, finds he excels as a user, abuser and natural leader. He next focuses his cold careless fury on New Years Eve. Leading a small gang of eco-terrorists, he plots his next debacle. Above, millions of acre feet of water, Below the dam, a town, a chemical munitions storage facility. Can Michael Grant and his team of agency operatives stop the inevitable? How many more times can Michael Grant say: And... Never Again.