An Ocean Between Us : A New Zealand Sexy Beach Romance

Serenity Woods

An opposites attract fun and sexy romance. When Lady Hermione Spencers parents ask her to housesit their summer home in New Zealand while they have some landscaping work carried out, Hermiones happy to agree. Its the perfect opportunity to look for suitable hotels for her romantic retreats business back in the UK, plus it provides a temporary escape from the man shes been betrothed to since she was a child. The Kiwi house in the Bay of Islands feels like a palace after her small flat, and she does her best not to think about her impending marriage. Then the gardener arrives, and suddenly lifes not so simple anymore. Unable to obtain a higher education because he looks after his disabled father, Danny Love has spent years developing his own landscaping firm. He supposes he should be resentful when the snooty daughter of the Spencers assumes hes just one of the workmen, but all he can think about is her sexy curves and what fun it would be to seduce the lady of the manor. So he strings her along for a while, knowing that when she finds out the truth itll only make her embarrassment worse. The sexual tension builds between them, and its not long before Hermione succumbs to his outrageous flirting. Danny plans to seduce her, but what he doesnt realize is that beneath her little-rich-girl persona is a gentle innocence thats going to captivate the man who had to grow up fast, and whos always believed romance to be a capitalist creation. Their lifestyles and backgrounds are world apart, but their differences only seem to draw them closer together. When faced with her inexperience and her genuine belief in true love, will he still seduce her and be happy with a quick fling? Or will he do what hes told himself he would never do, and fall in love? Warning: features a working man whos not afraid to get his hands dirty. A hot & sultry romance - adults only.