A Night with Ebony and Samson : Stories That Can Only Be Told in Poetic Words

Sheldon Hollis

As told in poetic verse, the love stories of Ebony and Samson is one rich with longing, passion, and erotic imagery. Both are with pain and it is pain that will lead them to doing things that are unconventional and immoral. But in the end, they will meet up with each other. And when both come to grips with their reality, love will never be lost again. Ebony-a woman wounded by the callousness of men-wants to be loved and to love. But how can she find love in such a small sexist and racist world? Her own kind doesnt even embrace her. So who is left to embrace Ebony? Samson-a man who has succumbed to the lure of too many demons drenched in perfume-wants more than just the pleasures of the flesh. He seeks someone to love, but he doubts that this special woman is out there for him. Sheldon Hollis is an author, poet, and screenwriter. He dreams of cementing a legacy but knows that to do that, he must first blueprint that legacy.