A Night in Bethlehem (Revised) Starter Kit


This year, families at your church wont just hear about Christmastheyll see, taste, touch, and fully experience the real meaning of Christmas as they wander through Bible-times Bethlehem. Engaging, hands-on activities, games, and stories share the wonder of Jesus birthand build the faith of moms, dads, and kids alike. Everyone will eagerly experience these stops along the way The City Gateswhere theyll register (making for easy, after-Christmas follow up!) and get a muslin Travel Bag to hold their Bethlehem treasures. Metalworking Shopwhere foil-rubbing creates one-of-a-kind keepsake nameplates. Carpentry Shopa fun, I can do it myself experience for kids. Scribes Tentat this stop everyone will try their hand at first-century lettering...and tuck special messages into their very own Scripture Keepers. Pottery Shedwhere special terra cotta clay lets everyone create their very own pottery. Painters Hutthe hot spot for creating unique, take-them-home Christmas ornaments. Bakerfor tasty treats. Stablewhere Mary and Joseph tell about their new baby. Leaders will LOVE A Night in Bethlehem... Its easy to planeverything is tucked into one convenient kit. Its easy to get volunteersjust a handful are needed, and heres where storytellers and drama fans shine! And its easy to decoratewith lots of DIY tips that transform a few classrooms...a hallway...anywhere...into Bethlehem! Perfect for any size churchand all ages!