A New Tomorrow - the Star Voyager Series - Vol. 12

John B. Bolton

From deceitful interactions by the Panavian and Nefaron Empires toward the Alliance of Planets ambassadors of good will (Pegasus command staff), to a completely unexpected notification from Fleet Command of upcoming major and unexpected staff personnel changes, RAdm Buckton and his XO, Executive Officer Ed Gilbert, have their hands full. There is one unexpected event after another in this novel and with the crew becoming bored from being back in alliance space for such a long time with basically nothing to do, a couple of lieutenants approach the CO and XO with a plan to alleviate the boredom. Once JT and Ed approve the plan, it turns into the event none of the event planners or the ships hierarchy could have anticipated. Whether it is a boon or fiasco, the plan is carried out to the end, and everything about this event is new to the ships crew.