A New Testament

Sherwood Anderson

This early work by Sherwood Anderson was originally published in 1927 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. A New Testament is a collection of poetry by this influential writer. In 1908, Anderson began writing short stories and novels. He moved to Chicago, where he found work in an advertising agency and became friends with other writers in Chicago, including Floyd Dell, Theodore Dreiser, Ben Hecht and Carl Sandburg. Starting in 1914, the now-politicised Anderson began having his work published in The Masses, a socialist journal. Andersons first novel, Windy McPhersons Son, was published in 1916. This was followed by the novel Marching Men (1917) and a collection of prose poems, Mid-American Chants (1918). A year later, Winesburg, Ohio (1919), Andersons best-remembered and best-known work, was published.