A New Strategy For The War On Cancer

Terry Thompson

Its about what a few dedicated, experienced cancer doctors and researchers are doing to revolutionize cancer treatmentTerry Thompson was compelled to write this book after realizing that conventional cancer treatment was not effective in saving the life of his wife or others who are dying at the rate of 1500 each day from the disease. His research highlights a new, proven approach that complements traditional chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. It is practiced by a new breed of integrative oncologists with astonishing results. The problem is that very few people know about it. Everyone touched by cancer--and that is everyone--needs to learn about this new therapy, where to get it, and how to support its acceptance and availability now.Nearly 4,000 Americans a day are diagnosed with cancerOdds are about 1 in 3 that you will be one of them somedaySomeone very close to you will have cancerYou need to know more about this new strategyIts all in this comprehensive book