A New Shape : (Divorce & Seperation)

Anna Payne

The break-up of the relationship between parents and the resulting split of the family is hard to cope with whatever age the parents and children are. `A New Shape enables parents, families, carers, schools and others to help children through a time of family break-up. The story focuses on Amy and John who love to visit their elderly neighbour Theo. They often go inside his workshop where he makes toys for the children. One day Anna takes Theo her teddy, Bertie, who is broken and needs mending. Theo explains that different things need mending in different ways. That night a thunderstorm splits the trunk of a beautiful old apple tree in Theos garden and he sadly mends it by supporting the remaining branches and bending the tree into a new shape. Amy and John learn from Theo that beautiful things can sometimes split apart - and change shape - but they are still just as special and precious to the people who love them. (This story can also be read allegorically as Theo exhibits many characteristics of God in his love and support of the children.) `A New Shape also includes guidelines for parents and families on how to support their children through this difficult time of transition as the family shape changes.