A New Plea for the Authenticity of the Text of the Three Heavenly Witnesses

Charles Forster

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1867 edition. Excerpt: ... CHAPTER II. Ta Tpia Ev. St. Hippolytus versus Porson: rpia in the neuter applied to the three Persons. JToXXa Se /cat erepa, pdXKou Se iravTa ecrrXv p-aprvpovPTa rrj aKrjdeia. avdyKrjv ovv eei /cat pr) 0eXov opoXoyeiv IlaTepa Gebv Tt Out Ok par o pa, /cat XpicrTov Irjcrovv Tlbv Geov Gebv dvdpcjirov yevopevov, w irdvTa HaTr)p vireTae irapeKrbs eavrov, /cat IlvevpaTos dyiov /cat Toutovs elvai. Ovtws TPIA. El Se fiovXeTai pa0elv Ttw cfs (c)eos air oSeiKvvr aL, ywwo-KeTu on pi a Svvapis Tovtov, /cat ocrov pev KaTa rrjv Svvapiv, eis ern 0eos, ocrov Se /cara rr)v oiKovopiav, Tpi.r)s (cor. T/3tws, Routh) eViSeift?.--Contra Noet. ap. Routh, Opusc. vol. i. p. 63. A more complete exposure of Porsons ignorance, at once, of his proper authorities, and of Patristic Greek, in his denial of the existence in any Greek writers of rpia in the neuter applied to the Persons of the Trinity, and his sarcastic misrendering of Euthymius Zigabenus, these three (persons) are one (thing), surely cannot be conceived than the clause /cat Toutovs etvai Ovtg/s rpta, in the above passage of Hippolvtus. The Source of St. Hippolytus Terminology. 15 That his doctrine of the Godhead, and the terms for expressing it, were taken wholly and solely from Scripture, we know on Hippolytuss own authority in the following passage: in which he lays down the golden rule, that from Scripture alone we derive our knowledge of God.10 Eh (c)e6s, ov Ovk dWodev iiriyi, vuto-Kopev, d&efol, r) eV Twv dyiutv ypaufriov. Ov yap rpoirov idv Tis fiovkqdfi Tr)v crofiav Tov al5vo Tovtov dcrKeiv, Ovk dXXws Svvqo-erai, Tovtov Tvyfiv, idv /rr) 86ypacn fiXocrocfxi)v ivrxrj, Tov avrov Stj rpoirov ocroi deocre/Seiau Ol(tkeiv fiov6peda, Ovk aXkodev do-Kro-opi, fj iKront oylcov Tov &eov. Ocr