A New Leadership Ethos - The Ability to Predict

Marc van der Erve

Marc van der Erve offers a highly practical approach yet as part of a wholly new explanation of our world. The Emzine theory at the heart of this explanation gives access to a level of meta-awareness that makes new sense of the manifold of organizations, communities and leaders that we observe. The insights of Marc van der Erve help you improve your effectiveness, identify the right leaders and create winning teams. The predictive power of his theory and iPhone App ensures that you always stay ahead of the pack. An important book and the best study of leadership that I read. It breaks new ground in evaluating leadership and leadership cycles. Prof David Jordan PhD, University of Virginia, Former Ambassador to Peru An exceptionally stimulating book on leadership that breaks from so many leadership books on the market. David Altman PhD, Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC The findings in this book elegantly respond to the need for a more fundamental explanation of de-growth. Prof Raoul Weiler, Club of Rome Indispensable reading for anyone concerned with leadership in the private and public sector. Future leadership is predictable! Prof Dr Luigi van Leeuwen, Mayor Emeritus