A New Latin Primer Workbook

Mary C English

Designed to accompany A New Latin Primer by Mary C. English and Georgia L. Irby, this Workbook features a variety of drills, additional practice sentences, directed English-to-Latin translation practice, and word games to reinforce grammar, vocabulary, and culture. A New Latin Primer Workbook includes one lesson for each corresponding lesson in the text (including the Introduction), and six Review Lessons (one for every six lessons in the text). Each Review Lesson provides a summary of the concepts covered in the previous six lessons--with simple examples in English and Latin to illustrate those concepts--a consolidated list of required vocabulary, additional grammar drills and passages of authentic Latin for translation practice, and a crossword puzzle whose clues are drawn from the passages, examples, and cultural essays of the six lessons. Students will find the additional drills and practice sentences helpful in mastering challenging concepts. Many of the translation sentences are light-hearted, and the authors encourage students to devise their own contexts for these sentences and to compose their own practice sentences or more formal compositions. Featuring a flexible format that can be easily adapted to specific needs or learning environments, this workbook is an indispensable resource for instructors and students. Save your students 20% by packaging it with A New Latin Primer for use in your course.