A New Heart and Mind Set Free to Serve God

Daniel J Coleman

You and I can receive the highest and best God has prepared for us. Our consistent spiritual growth comes from praying, reading, studying, and applying Bible doctrine in our daily living. Bible doctrine creates capacity for life, for love, for Christian service, for blessing, for happiness. God has devised the design of the ages, the perfect plan for each one of us personally. All you and I have to do is understand His gracious offer and seize the incomparable opportunity for a life of meaning, purpose, and definition. A New Heart and Mind Set Free to Serve God will show you how to uncover the plan of God which reveals Gods provision for your salvation, His purpose for your existence after salvation, and the treasures He has waiting for your eternal future on earth and in heaven. The moment you believe in Christ is the moment you immediately share His life and destiny. In order to attain the wonderful peace, happiness, and contentment God has planned for our lives on earth, we must learn Bible doctrine and grow to spiritual maturity. The Bible communicates Gods Word so absolute truth becomes the measure of our conscience, the source of our thinking, and the motivation of our life.