A New Differential Quadrature Method Based on Bernstein Polynomials

Amer Al-Saadawi Firas,Jaber Ali

We propose a new technique of the differential quadrature method to find numerical solutions of the different transport (convection-diffusion) equations with appropriate initial and boundary conditions. The present method is based on the Bernstein polynomials formula, which is used to construct the weighting coefficients matrices of differential quadrature method, the new methodology is called Bernstein differential quadrature method (BDQM). Also, we improved alternating direction implicit formulation of differential quadrature method (ADI-DQM), based on Bernstein differential quadrature method (ADI-BDQM) for solving transport (convection-diffusion) equations. The results show that the differential quadrature technique renewed can be used as a powerful, reliable, accurate and efficient numerical tool in solving the transport problems. Finally, the many appearance of nonlinear differential equations as transport model in some fields of applied mathematics makes it necessary to investigate methods of solution for such equations (numerical) and we hope that this work is a step in this direction. We sincerely hope this methods can be applied to a wider range of problems.