A New Broom

David Connolly

In Midland where magic is commonplace there is strife between the Guilds and the Trolls The Guilds believe the Trolls will use Dragons to lead an invasion and, in desperation, decide to employ a Sorcerer. However, in a place where any educated person can fly by broom and scholars study the ancient arts of levitation and Telekinetics, a sorcerer is someone who understands engineering principles. When the guild folk use their traditional incantations to bring a sorcerer, they get a recently unemployed civil engineer, Mike OReilly. Angry, puzzled, and unable to understand where he is, Mike reluctantly agrees to help the guilds in their fight against the trolls. As he learns about their strange society, he becomes more puzzled. He has difficulty understanding what the Trolls want and why the Guilds want to stop them. As the conflict increases Mike realises that he is the only one who can avert a major war and time is running out. This is a story for children of all ages