A Neverending Affair : An Atlas of Love

Kopen Hagen

Olaf helps women in third-world countries sell their wares to feed their families. When he meets Ronia Davla, a talented and respected artist, on a mission to Arusha, a spark rises. Ronia is logical where Olaf relies on intuition, and wary of letting herself fall too easily in love. A Neverending Affair follows Olaf and Ronia through Africa and Europe from their initial reticence to get involved, through an exciting and tumultuous love affair, to their inevitable destruction...and then to fifteen years of substitute relationships and growing older. Olaf is the one man Ronia regrets losing and Ronia is the one woman that Olaf cant forget. This politically savvy and intellectual love story explores the issues that can tear a couple apart, and the bonds that are strong enough to survive.