A Never-Ending Battle : A Soldier` Ongoing Struggle with Combat Ptsd

Howard B Patrick, Edited by Sandy Werner

Howard Patrick, a combat veteran of the Vietnam War who suffered from acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over 40 years, wrote his autobiography in the hopes it would provide his family with an understanding of how his wartime experiences and PTSD changed him, thereby affected their lives as well. Not only did his family benefit from reading it, the book had a very positive impact on others beyond his family circle, including veterans and medical professionals. The feedback he received was so overwhelmingly positive he published his book to help other combat veterans who may also be suffering from the grips of post traumatic stress, as well as provide valuable advice and support to their families. Included is information on programs available to help combat veterans having difficulty readjusting to civilian life, and how family members can get more information and assistance.