A Need to Know

Roger J. Sutton

In recent years, great interest in encryption and the algorithms that are used to protect information has been generated by new technologies, new threats and the release of previously restricted material. Increased computer power has given the analysts of organisations like the NSA and GCHQ a greater opportunity to break into algorithms such as the old Data Encryption Standard (DES), which for many years protected the majority of our communications. AA? Need ToA? Know gives an insight into the flaws of secure communications systems and people. It highlights the pressures that a nations security forces endure in striving to protect its population and opens the door to the sinister world of communications espionage and the intriguing politics of reading other peoples mail. For whatever reason, governments around the world have a need to know and this novel chronicles some of the motivations and techniques by which they strive to access the enemys secrets. A Need To Know features a host of colourful and sinister characters each with their own passions and goals and will appeal to readers interested in current affairs fiction, espionage and cryptology. Author Roger is inspired by John le Carre, TheA? Emporers Codes by Michael Smith and The Codebreakers by David Khan.