A Necessary Harvest

Carla Charter

Elmer and Vangie are good people. They are solid people. People who are crazy in love with each other and have been for 53 years. Living on their farm they have contentment. Everything seems perfect and as it should be in their lives. Then the cancer which Vangie has already won a battle with years ago, returns and their perfect life becomes a perfect struggle. A struggle against the disease, a struggle caring for the farm, and like 45 other million Americans a struggle to survive todays healthcare system. Elmer doesnt care about the struggles, he still has his Vangie, his beloved. As things go from bad to worse though, he knows he must find a way to help his wife and pay the mounting medical costs at the same time. Then Elmer makes a desperate decision one that he hopes will save Vangie and the farm and all he has ever cared about.