A Navy Chaplain` Devotions for Afloat and Ashore

Benny J Hornsby

As a longtime US Navy and Marine Corps Chaplain, afloat and ashore, author Benny J. Hornsby is familiar with both the realities of the battlefield and the challenges of everyday living. A Navy Chaplains Devotions for Afloat and Ashore seeks to provide inspiration for military personnel as well as anyone who is lonely, depressed, or far from home. This volume is also a valuable source of real-world illustrations for ministers and other public speakers. Hornsby wrote these devotions over the course of a thirty-six-year career on active duty in the US Navy Chaplain Corps, including extended duty on six different Navy ships and several shore installations. These devotions were presented onboard ship at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and in Navy and Marine Corps chapels, hospitals, and prisons around the world. While most were presented in formal religious settings, some appeared in newspapers, magazine articles, unit newsletters, computer bulletin boards, and impromptu Bible studies in difficult places, such as the battle zones of Vietnam, Panama, and Lebanon, as well as on the radio program Brother Benny, Your Radio Pastor.